Vintage Linens Galore at AuntJanesAttic!

 Primitive Quilt for sale at AuntJanesAttic

Primitive Antique Twin Patchwork Quilt Red White

I have several boxes of vintage linens picked up at an estate sale that I have been diving into this week. Ranging from an antique quilt and christening gown to op art 1960’s cloth napkins! Includes linen tablecloths, many sets of cloth napkins, embroidered linens, yardage fabric from Ikea and a beautiful cream antique or vintage crocheted tablecloth. This person had it all and now I have it all! Wow, what a stash.

I still have a lot more to go with handmade laces, more vintage tablecloths, uncut wool yardage, more embroidered linens, and all kinds of handkerchiefs! Silk, cotton, linen, embroidered, appliqued, lace edges, pulled thread…still sorting. Oh yes, some lace curtain panels too. Probably will be working on this lot for a few weeks!

I am linking to the whole Linen Closet at AuntJanesAttic, or if you search my eBay store under the linen closet category you will see all the vintage linens I currently have listed.

Antique Crocheted Tablecloth for sale at AuntJanesAttic

Antique Crocheted Tablecloth

Op Art Napkins for sale at AuntJanesAttic

Vintage 60’s Op Art Napkins

Wonder Art Pillow Case for sale at AuntJanesAttic

Embroidered Pillowcase Needs to be Hemmed

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