Huge Pile of Vintage Sweaters!


I went to an estate sale in my neighborhood a couple of weeks ago and I have been listing sweaters ever since! This is the pile I started out with, it was about 45 total, but of course, when you are dealing with vintage wool – even if you check carefully – a few will slip through with moth holes or stains. I already gave my crafter friend a bunch for her crafts. I am about 75% through the rest. 4 have already sold, one just sold a minute ago about 10 minutes after I listed it! Wow – fast! Probably priced it too low – but a sale is a sale – not complaining!

These are all 100% wool some are cashmere, lambswool or merino wool – made in Italy, Scotland, England, Greece, Ecuador…I really felt like I hit the jackpot at this sale. And no one else there was interested in the least in the sweaters, so I could go through them carefully for issues. There were probably about 30 more I left behind because of moth holes, obvious stains, and rips. The previous owner was a bit of a hoarder I guess – I mean really, who can wear that many sweaters!

They are all men’s sweaters, but various sizes. A lot of argyle, and v-neck pullovers. If you are interested in vintage men’s sweaters, be sure and check these out quick at AuntJanesAttic for the best selection!


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