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When I was researching my Fisher Price Little People Play Family Action Garage, I came across a great resource!

This Old Toy website┬áis such a wealth of information on Vintage Fisher Price toys! When I first arrived, I was put off by the old style HTML look, but after exploring and finding all the little nuggets of information – I really don’t care how it looks! It helped me figure out exactly what were the correct people for my set – even though the set came with about 15 little people, 2 of the ones that actually went with the set were missing – so I knew exactly which ones to look for.

I also spent some time exploring the info on vintage Little People and found a reference guide every little people made, what sets they came from, variations and also the animals, furniture, vehicles and other accessories.

Although I haven’t explored it thoroughly, it appears that all Fisher Price toys are covered up to the late 1990’s in this exhaustive reference website – if you need Vintage Fisher Price Toy info, this is the place to go!

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