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Avirex Leather Jacket (Sold)

Have you come across Avirex jackets at any estate sales recently? Typically leather – some of their popular designs are styled to look like vintage flight jackets or varsity sport jackets. I recently picked one up that if I were just a little skinnier I would be keeping for sure!

This Avirex jacket is a varsity style leather jacket for a fantasy team – the “Red Blades” or the Russian Ice Hockey Federation Champions from 1929 and 1934. Complete with team photo appliqued on the inside, patches from ’34 and ’29, and fake “wear” to the leather to make it look vintage and authentic.

Jackets for sale at AuntJanesAttic

Fantasy Team Photo of the Red Blades

There is actually a Ice Hockey Federation of Russia – but it wasn’t formed until 1991 – so this jacket really is pure fantasy. But fun!

According to my sources, Avirex jackets were worn in the movie “Top Gun” and also in “Cadillac Man” (by Tim Robbins). Avirex still makes a Top Gun flight jacket. This particular varsity jacket I have been unable to date or locate another like it – unique and one of a kind!

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