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Aunt Jane

I have been selling on eBay since 2001 in a casual way. Summer of 2008 I started to get serious about trying to make some money on eBay. I have been a Powerseller since September 2008, which basically means I sell at least $1000 per month on eBay.

This blog is about what I am doing to keep my online sales going, where I am selling, what I am selling, what I am buying, tips I have garnered, links to helpful websites and blogs, thoughts about online retailing and whatever else I feel like sharing. Like recipes or travel notes sometimes.

I am open to others sharing what is working for them, questions from other sellers or would-be sellers, promoting your related website, and general thoughts about retail selling online.

I also have a shop on etsy but not really doing anything there right now,  as my eBay sales blow my etsy sales out of the water, so I have given that up for now. I did sell on Amazon too via FBA, but again, I really never sold all that much on Amazon either, so I trashed all the items I had left on FBA and just have a basic account at Amazon there days.

Places to find me online: My blog (you are already here)

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AuntJanesAttic on Etsy (nothing happening at etsy these days)