A Scarf-a-Holic Clears Out Her Closet

Silk Floral Scarf for sale at AuntJanesAttic

Boho 100% Silk Large Square Floral Scarf

My name is Jane and I am a scarfaholic.

There, I admitted it. I have (had) 20¬†shoe boxes of scarves stacked on a shelf in my closet. I love a beautiful scarf – and they all look beautiful to me. The only problem is, I rarely wear a scarf these days. These days I work in t-shirts and don’t typically wear a t-shirt and scarf together.

I used to get dressed up to work at an office and I did wear more scarves then – but I just don’t find myself reaching for them to dress up my stay at home outfits.

So my collection is being released and although I am keeping a few of my top favorites (about 20 I can’t let go of), the rest are slowly being added to eBay.

Scarves currently listed at AuntJanesAttic on eBay


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