Vintage Sheets at AuntJanesAttic

Vintage 100% Cotton Springmaid Sheet

Vintage 100% Cotton Springmaid Full Sheet

I have been coming across vintage sheets all over the place recently! I love the older sheets, I think because they remind me of my childhood. The ones I love the best are the super soft 100% cotton sheets like this pink Springmaid full size flat sheet. It has a pretty pink rose border at the top, and the rest of the sheet is solid pastel pink. Unfortunately there is a stain on it, but they must be something someone can do with this beauty.

Vera Neumann Orange Cherry Blossom Sheets

(Sold) Vera Neumann Orange Cherry Blossom Sheets

My Grandmother loved the designer Vera Neumann, and had several sets of sheets designed by her as well as table linens and scarves. One set of sheets she had I recently found at an estate sale – pretty green and white in a fern pattern. Its a very recognizable and common sheet set. I am keeping that set, but I also picked up another set in bright orange and white with a design that looks like cherry blossoms. It is not compatible with my colors, otherwise I would keep them too. What do you think? These are now sold – they went quick!

Retro Dan River Tranquale Blue Floral Sheet

Retro Dan River Tranquale Blue Floral Sheet

I also found a Dan River Tranquale luxury percale full fitted sheet and standard pillowcases still in the package. Peaceful blue, white and green floral design. It is funny to think about this sheet sitting in someone’s linen closet all these years and never opened up! They are from before UPC bar codes, so pre-1974. So someone has been storing an unused, new in the package sheet for over 40 years in their linen closet! Well I’m happy about it because that is the kind of stuff I love coming across at estate sales!


More sheets currently listed in AuntJanesAttic eBay Store:


(Sold) Dan River Queen Sheet Vintage


Vintage Bill Blass Twin Striped Sheet


(Sold) Queen Purple Striped Sheet Wamsutta


Vintage Dan River Pink Striped Twin Sheet

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Huge Pile of Vintage Sweaters!


I went to an estate sale in my neighborhood a couple of weeks ago and I have been listing sweaters ever since! This is the pile I started out with, it was about 45 total, but of course, when you are dealing with vintage wool – even if you check carefully – a few will slip through with moth holes or stains. I already gave my crafter friend a bunch for her crafts. I am about 75% through the rest. 4 have already sold, one just sold a minute ago about 10 minutes after I listed it! Wow – fast! Probably priced it too low – but a sale is a sale – not complaining!

These are all 100% wool some are cashmere, lambswool or merino wool – made in Italy, Scotland, England, Greece, Ecuador…I really felt like I hit the jackpot at this sale. And no one else there was interested in the least in the sweaters, so I could go through them carefully for issues. There were probably about 30 more I left behind because of moth holes, obvious stains, and rips. The previous owner was a bit of a hoarder I guess – I mean really, who can wear that many sweaters!

They are all men’s sweaters, but various sizes. A lot of argyle, and v-neck pullovers. If you are interested in vintage men’s sweaters, be sure and check these out quick at AuntJanesAttic for the best selection!


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Halloween Costume Ideas at AuntJanesAttic

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Love the beautiful fall colors up here in the midwest. Today the colors really seemed to turn. Time to add touches of fall around the house, and think about your Halloween costume! AuntJanesAttic can help with that!

Currently listed are some cool vintage clothing items. How about a loud polyester plaid suit? Yes, one is listed at AuntJanesAttic right now. Or a black shimmery disco jumpsuit? Yes, can help you with that…looking for the farmer look? Blue jean bib overalls, plaid flannel shirts are both available to help out. Or I know, a vintage prom dress from the 70’s! That’s when prairie style was all the rage, including at prom – Gunne Sax was a popular brand then, and this dress by Jay Morley for Fern Violette is that same style – and so beautifully made. Back when details mattered. Also available is a fab 60’s Valentino black mini dress with cream collar made with beautiful workmanship.

s-l1600 (3)

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A Scarf-a-Holic Clears Out Her Closet

Silk Floral Scarf for sale at AuntJanesAttic

Boho 100% Silk Large Square Floral Scarf

My name is Jane and I am a scarfaholic.

There, I admitted it. I have (had) 20 shoe boxes of scarves stacked on a shelf in my closet. I love a beautiful scarf – and they all look beautiful to me. The only problem is, I rarely wear a scarf these days. These days I work in t-shirts and don’t typically wear a t-shirt and scarf together.

I used to get dressed up to work at an office and I did wear more scarves then – but I just don’t find myself reaching for them to dress up my stay at home outfits.

So my collection is being released and although I am keeping a few of my top favorites (about 20 I can’t let go of), the rest are slowly being added to eBay.

Scarves currently listed at AuntJanesAttic on eBay


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Great Vintage Fisher Price Toy Resource !

Logo This Old Toy

Check out This Old Toy for everything about Vintage Fisher Price Toys!

When I was researching my Fisher Price Little People Play Family Action Garage, I came across a great resource!

This Old Toy website is such a wealth of information on Vintage Fisher Price toys! When I first arrived, I was put off by the old style HTML look, but after exploring and finding all the little nuggets of information – I really don’t care how it looks! It helped me figure out exactly what were the correct people for my set – even though the set came with about 15 little people, 2 of the ones that actually went with the set were missing – so I knew exactly which ones to look for.

I also spent some time exploring the info on vintage Little People and found a reference guide every little people made, what sets they came from, variations and also the animals, furniture, vehicles and other accessories.

Although I haven’t explored it thoroughly, it appears that all Fisher Price toys are covered up to the late 1990’s in this exhaustive reference website – if you need Vintage Fisher Price Toy info, this is the place to go!

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Vintage Linens Galore at AuntJanesAttic!

 Primitive Quilt for sale at AuntJanesAttic

Primitive Antique Twin Patchwork Quilt Red White

I have several boxes of vintage linens picked up at an estate sale that I have been diving into this week. Ranging from an antique quilt and christening gown to op art 1960’s cloth napkins! Includes linen tablecloths, many sets of cloth napkins, embroidered linens, yardage fabric from Ikea and a beautiful cream antique or vintage crocheted tablecloth. This person had it all and now I have it all! Wow, what a stash.

I still have a lot more to go with handmade laces, more vintage tablecloths, uncut wool yardage, more embroidered linens, and all kinds of handkerchiefs! Silk, cotton, linen, embroidered, appliqued, lace edges, pulled thread…still sorting. Oh yes, some lace curtain panels too. Probably will be working on this lot for a few weeks!

I am linking to the whole Linen Closet at AuntJanesAttic, or if you search my eBay store under the linen closet category you will see all the vintage linens I currently have listed.

Antique Crocheted Tablecloth for sale at AuntJanesAttic

Antique Crocheted Tablecloth

Op Art Napkins for sale at AuntJanesAttic

Vintage 60’s Op Art Napkins

Wonder Art Pillow Case for sale at AuntJanesAttic

Embroidered Pillowcase Needs to be Hemmed

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Avirex Leather Jackets

Jackets for sales at AuntJanesAttic

Avirex Leather Jacket (Sold)

Have you come across Avirex jackets at any estate sales recently? Typically leather – some of their popular designs are styled to look like vintage flight jackets or varsity sport jackets. I recently picked one up that if I were just a little skinnier I would be keeping for sure!

This Avirex jacket is a varsity style leather jacket for a fantasy team – the “Red Blades” or the Russian Ice Hockey Federation Champions from 1929 and 1934. Complete with team photo appliqued on the inside, patches from ’34 and ’29, and fake “wear” to the leather to make it look vintage and authentic.

Jackets for sale at AuntJanesAttic

Fantasy Team Photo of the Red Blades

There is actually a Ice Hockey Federation of Russia – but it wasn’t formed until 1991 – so this jacket really is pure fantasy. But fun!

According to my sources, Avirex jackets were worn in the movie “Top Gun” and also in “Cadillac Man” (by Tim Robbins). Avirex still makes a Top Gun flight jacket. This particular varsity jacket I have been unable to date or locate another like it – unique and one of a kind!

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